ZOVEC – is not just a company, not a mere business, it is a “dream”. A dream to touch a million lives and ideally improve them.

We consider ourselves privileged to have exposure and access to the best healthcare facilities in the world. But when we look around; at the masses in the underdeveloped/developing countries, we see that there are constraints. There is limited access to quality healthcare. There are people around us who wish they would have never had those diseases, but there was no awareness, no resources. In short no “diagnosis”.

It was this urge to diagnose diseases, that led to the inception of “ZOVEC”.

More on the dream …

Through our work we envision to make “ZOVEC” the dream of not just ours, but also of millions of people who will be touched by it directly or indirectly. Every common man should feel that they can afford quality equipment for early detection of diseases and fight them at a nascent stage if not altogether prevent them.

We embark on this journey with a team of professionals having a cumulative experience of 40+ years in this line and a passion to reach all nooks and corners of the world. We have travelled the world, seen the requirements of people and now wish to fulfil them. We need all of you to be a part of this dream. Let’s begin . . .

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people with knowledge and know-how that helps them to understand the need for early detection and treatment of chronic diseases and management of lifestyle. We endeavour to prevent diseases at an early stage with the best medical equipment, thereby increasing the life expectancy of individuals throughout the world.

Our mission is our identity, and this is reflected through our company logo which signifies an ever-expanding timer.


Zovec Healthcare Private Limited is a company based out of Faridabad, INDIA. “ZOVEC” is focussed in the area of IVD Medical Devices, having an interest in both end consumer products and lab diagnostics. We intend to create a line of products which will eventually be used to diagnose any and every kind of disease. These products will have application for both laymen and skilled technicians/doctors/etc.

All ZOVEC products have two characteristics in common
Accuracy (We simply make sure that either we give the correct results or give no results at all)
Simplicity (We strongly believe all products must be very easy to use because there is absolutely no use of having reasonably priced products, if large amounts of time, effort and money are spent in training the users.)

Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.